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Pentecost Sunday
Opening Prayer :   (Celebrate God's Presence)
Holy Spirit, dance your light into the corners of our lives:
  when we are cold, bring us warmth;
  when we are afraid, bring us comfort;
  when  we are lost, brighten the path;
  when we are unsure, mark the way ;
  when we are in need, come into our presence.
  Come, O Holy Spirit, come .     Amen

Scriptures  for the week:    Acts 2: 1- 21,    Psalm 68,
             1 Corinthians 12:  3 -13,      John 20 : 19 -23
Reflection :  
   Spring  is with us but it is a season like no other .  It is a
season of mixed feelings and confusion  around activities 
like  traditional  fishing  times  and times  of planting crops
in farmer's  fields across the land .  Everything  is under a
sense of scrutiny and indecision in terms  of planning and 
moving forward .  Everyone has been through a lot but still
we have to wonder have  we seen an eventual end to the 
upheaval or is there another round yet to be played  out ? 
  Churches  are also in the same  condition with no certain-
ty as to when  it is safe to reassemble  in some form . It has
posed  challenges when a death occurs  in a family and a
whole new format  has to be followed in  services only to 
be conducted  in cemeteries with very limited attendance .
That is not what we are used to in times of sorrow .  Yet, it 
is  the reality we follow in all seriousness .
     We are now welcoming in a new season of Pentecost .
On this Sunday the Christ candle would be green in colour .
It is the reminder of new life, new birth, and the renewal of a
heartfelt welcome of the living Christ  in our hearts .The power
of the Holy Spirit is celebrated during the next several months 
as Christian faith families journey forth at least for now as a
number of separate entities although united as one in the
Spirit of Go'd love and guidance .  
     John 20 tells  us of a gathering of the  disciples following
the days  of Jesus' death and the reports  of  his resurrection .
Mary had revealed  what she had found at the tomb only a
few hours  before this gathering .  All are amazed and confused 
all at the same time .No one is sure what is to follow . No one is  
sure whom to follow . But the biggest shock is soon to happen .
Suddenly Jesus is standing in their midst declaring, '' Peace 
be with you ...receive the Holy Spirit.''  
       Acts 2 describes the event  as one  of astonishment and 
bewilderment.  The group assembled  begins  to speak  and 
different  languages  are heard  yet each understands  the 
other .  To an onlooker,  they would assume all are  heavily 
into the wine . Yet it is not so . The Spirit has engaged them 
and Peter states  it very plainly . Peter, the Rock, stands up
to the criticism .
     When  things change around  us and we find ourselves in
confusion it  is often  easy to become fearful and to become 
cynical and fall into criticism .  We are seeing  scenes  of 
violence in other places that cause great concern and trepi-
dation as people gather in protest of racial actions . Peace and 
calm is hoped  and prayed for as emotions rise amid calls for
justice .   
    Worship as faith communities will continue to be different 
for some time even when we are allowed to be together. The
choirs will not assemble, there will be no congregational sing-
ing,   Distancing  from one another will be essential and groups
will be around fifteen or so .We will  need to discern when  our
people will feel safe  in returning  to church once we are granted
the possibility of doing so . 
    Indeed it is a Pentecost that is not the usual .  But we have 
much to be so thankful for as well .  We pray for families  who 
have lost loved ones across the nation and around the world .
As a street sign I see in Summerside  says,  ''This too will pass.''
     May the peace of Christ abide with you as we go forth .  Be
strong - be safe - but above all, be well .
               To God be all the praise and the glory .   Amen
                                                      Wally Ellis  May 29, 2020                 
   ''  Come to my heart, Lord Jesus; teach me to walk in your way.
      Come to my heart, Lord Jesus, come to my heart today .
      Give me the peace and joy that only you can bring. 
      Come to my heart, Lord Jesus, give me a song to sing .''