Cavendish Breadalbane Pastoral Charge The United Church of Canada Prince Edward Island Annual Meeting of the Official Board, February 16,2016

 TIME AND PLACE: The Annual Meeting of the Official Board of the Cavendish Breadalbane United Church Pastoral Charge took place Tuesday, February 16,2016 at Central Trinity United Church, Breadalbane, P. E. I. 

IN ATTENDANCE: Rev. Claudia Kitson, Flora Dickieson, Gordon Toombs, Jim & Lynda Weeks, Betty Gamester, Ron Toombs, Wayne Dickieson, Wendell MacDonald, Jack Verhulp, Charlie Macleod, Dale Parsons, Rhonda Ross, Stephen MacKinnon, Louise Weeks, Amanda Newsome, Ken Ezeard, Giena Dingwell, Heather Dingwell, Marjorie MacDonald, Eric Wigmore, Neil Campbell, Sandy MacKay.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chairman, Neil Campbell, brought the meeting to order at 8:10 PM.

2. CONSTITUTION; Neil Campbell constituted the meeting. As we gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Sovereign Head of the Church, and by the authority of the United Church, this meeting of the Official Board is in session for the work that may properly be brought before it to the glory of God.

3. DEVOTION: Rev. Claudia shared scripture and closed with prayer.

4. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA: It was moved by Wendell MacDonald and seconded by Eric Wigmore. Betty Gamester asked that we add a request to Presbytery for Joint Assessment Needs. Motion Carried. 

5. MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL MEETING OF 2015 were read by Chair, Neil Campbell, moved by Wayne Dickieson, seconded by Rhonda Ross. They were amended to remove 2 a. Motion carried.


7 MINISTER'S REPORT: Read by Rev. Claudia Kitson

8. REPORTS OF PASTORAL CHARGE OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES: a) Visioning Committee - Amanda Newsome read the report. She noted lots of good ideas came from the cards inserted in the bulletins and mentioned the group would like some more people to join. Copy on file. Wayne Dickieson added that the group is having trouble getting to the next step. Wondered when the best time for a meeting would be as usually only 4 or 5 people at the meetings. We need to discuss what we have to do to keep charge going. Next meeting 12:45 pm March 6 at Central Trinity. Page2 - Minutes of Annual Meeting February 16,2016

b) Treasurer's Report - see attached. It was noted that GST/HST claims for refunds for 2013 ro 2015 have not been completed as of yet. Bank balance at year end is a surplus of $26,000. It was moved by Ken Ezeardto accept the report and seconded by Giena Dingwell. Motioncaried.

c) Reviewer reports - Betty reviewed & approved. She signed the document and will e-mail a copy for file.

d) Mission & Service - Louise Weeks read report. Moved that the report be accepted by Wayne Dickieson, seconded by Stephen MacKinnon. Motion carried. Included in the motion was that $4,500 be the target for 2016. Betty reviewed the report and found it accurate and signed document.

e) Session: 5 meetings were held in the past year, approving services, special Sundays, weddings and baptisms. Flora Dickieson listed the session members. Neil Campbell, Jack Verhulp, Stephen Mackinnon, Charlie Macleod, Rhonda Ross, Wendell Macdonald, Marjorie Macdonald, Heather Dingwell, & Flora Dickieson.

f)Ministry & Personnel: Have not had much to do but will expect very soon get busy with looking for a new clergy.

g) Presbytery: Betty Gamester read report, copy on file.

h) Canadian Bible Society: Wendell MacDonald read report that stated the Congregational Representatives met twice during the year. A new strategic Plan is being worked onto meet objectives of Translation,Publication,Distribution & Engaement. A motion was made by Giena Dingwell, seconded by Marjorie MacDonald that all the above reports be approved. Motion carried.

9. REPORTS OF CHARGE ACTIVITIES: a) Adult Fellowship: met 4 times, events included a sleigh ride, bowling, lobster supper. Guest speakers were: on child poverty. ( Myra Wicks ) and Corey Downey talked about his trip to Holland with WW2 vets. b) Adventure Praise: Meetings were on Friday nights, activities include half an hour on musical instruments and songs, one hour for worship, dram4 crafts, and snacks. The youth presented two musical one at Easter & one at Christmas. Betty Gamester read report. c) U. C. W. No report , will be in the annual report d) Stewards - Cavendish - Ken Ezeard reported ramp complete and washroom in the basement. - Central Trinity - No Activity , will be in the annual report Page 3 There was no trustee report from either Cavendish or Central Trinity. e) Vacation Bible Camp: Betty Gamester read from report by Olivia Mullins. 24 youth attended on 4 Saturdays and focused on helping children use their gifts God has given them. Lots of song, drama and Biblical reflection with lessons on Moses, Solomon , Mark & Bartimaeus. 0 Central Trinity Sunday School: Report submiued by Kim Macleod read by Neil Campbell. 24 children, with 5 adult leaders and helpers are learning the curriculum Big Wave Discovery and have participated in a sock toss , shoebox packing, a puppet show & other church services.Thanks to all who help aa& support the Sunday School. Copy on File A motion was made by Rhonda Ross and seconded by Giena Dingwell that these reports be adopted. Motion carried. Minutes of Annual Meeting February 16,2016

10. CORRESPONDENCE: Neil Campbell had written a letter to New Glasgow Christian Church about the proper listing in the telephone book. A response was received by Neil stating a correction with the yellow pages has been requested.

11. NEW BUSINESS: It was noted that GordonFrizzell does a lot of pastoral visiting on behalf of the charge and it very important to the charge and he is very giving of his time. A small token of the pastoral charges appreciation is warrented after discussion. It was moved by Wayne Dickieson, and seconded by Charlie Macleod that a card and a $50.00 gift certificate be presented to Gordon. Motion carried 

12. ELECTION: as presented by Neil Campbell The nomination Committee will be looking for a recording secretary before the next meeting. Sandy MacKay for the Vice Chair position,All other positions remain the same and a copy is on file. It was moved by Wayne Dickieson, seconded by Eric Wigmore to accept the nominating committee's report. Motion carried.

13. CONFIRMATION OF MARITIME CONFERENCE: will be represented by Spencer Mullins, Emma MacKinnon, Olivia Mullins, Victoria Murphy and Betty Gamester. 

14. FINANCIAL BUDGET - 2016 same as 2015 recommended as changes with Ministry and related cost in 2016 remain at the 2015 level. Noted we have a surplus of $26,000 at the end of 2015 year. Copy on File. moved by Ken Ezeard, seconded by Ronnie Toombs. Motion carried

15. JOINTNEEDS ASSESSMENT; It is with regret we accept Rev. Claudia Kitson's retirement and request Presbytery to appoint a Needs Assessment Committee. More to be discussed at next official board meeting in April. Moved by Dale Gamester, seconded by Heather Dingwell. Motion carried' Marjorie MacDonald read an excellent letter she wrote about how we have worked so wellin the past years under Rev. Claudia Kitson guidance. Followed by applause.

Next Meeting April 14,2016 at 8 PM after the Session Meeting in Cavendish. Central Trinity asked why we needed so many bulletins. An adjustment will be made and checked out at the next meeting of the Official Board.

Meeting was adjourned by Heather Dingwell at 9:50 PM. Rev. Claudia closed with prayer. Neil Campbell - Chairperson Sandy MacKay - Recording Steward

Cavendish Breadalbane Pastoral Charge Of the United Church of Canada October 4th, 2018

Time and Place:   The Official Board meeting took place in Cavendish on October 4th, 2018 commencing at 8 pm.

In Attendance:  16 people attended, they were as follows: Rhonda Ross, Wendell Macdonald, Gordon Frizzell, Marjorie Macdonald, Donna Nicholson, Betty Gamester, Giena Dingwell, Heather Dingwell, Neil Campbell, Wayne Dickieson, Flora Dickieson, Jack Verhulp, Ken Ezard, Dale Parsons, Gordon Toombs, and Wally Ellis.

Regrets from Lynda Weeks

  1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 8pm by Gordon Frizzell, Acting chairperson.

  2. Constitution: The constitution was read by Acting Chairperson Gordon Frizzell:  

As we gather in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only sovereign Head of the Church and by the authority of the United Church, this meeting of the official board is in session for the work that may properly be brought before it to the Glory of God.

  1. Devotion: Wally Ellis started the meeting off with prayer, as he prayed for our congregation and the work brought before the board that evening.

  2. Approval of Agenda:  Agendas were passed out prior and approval for the agenda was moved by Jack Verhulp and seconded by Dale Parsons.

  3. Minutes from Previous Meeting: Recording Steward Neil Campbell read the minutes from the May 2nd meeting and asked if any errors:  A motion to move to approve these minutes by Neil Campbell and seconded by Flora Dickieson.   Motion carried.

  4. Business arising from the minutes:

Heather Dingwell noted our ad in the Northern Star looked good the 4 times it was run, but unfortunately the Northern Star is being closed. The Pound family reunion being held at Pleasant Valley Memorial Church was moved to 12 noon from 11:00am to avoid conflict with Central Trinitys church service as requested by the Session to Arnold Smith.

7.         Reports of the Pastoral charge:  It was decided before hearing the reports that one motion for all the Pastoral reports would work except for the budget.

  1. Treasurer: Betty Gamester The report is from January 1st, 2018 up until the date of October 3rd, 2018. There is a bank balance of $44,774.5. Betty reported that we got back some dollars from the RBC bank as we are a non for profit. Trustees are to decide where and how to invest. For now the money is sitting in the account not collecting any interest. Wayne Dickieson informed the meeting of 4 small GIC in the TD bank and the dollars are for the charge.  A motion to approve report by Betty and seconded by Donna Nicholson. Motion carried.

  2. Mission and Service Fund:    No Report

  1. Session:  Flora Dickieson gave the report on Session. They approved the following 2 baptisms, one in Cavendish and one in Central Trinity. Services were approved for Communion dates, special events like Sunday school, youth, Remberance day (note only service in Cavendish that day) and the Christmas Services. Session recommended to official Board that Wally Ellis continues after his contract expires in June of 2019. Heather Dingwell put forth a motion to support session’s recommendation to renew Wally Ellis appointment to our Pastoral Charge and M& P to work out the details. Donna Nicholson seconded. Motion Carried.

  1. M & P:        Flora Dickieson said they would have a meeting with Wally ASAP to discuss renewal of appointment.

  2. Presbytery: Betty reported not much to report as they will operate as usual until the end of this year. There will be a wind up meeting for WI and Presbytery. Wayne reported that a special service would be held at Park Royal to recognized Presbytery contribution.  Greg Davies has been appointed to Central Queens United and Andrew Richardson has taken the position of office of vocation for the 3 regions. Heather MacDougal is working with Freetown & North Bedeque on half time ministry. Wally Ellis informed us the Conference building in Sackville still has a debt of $800,000 remaining on it. A Community of Faith is under 100 members and is entitled to a representation of one person for Regional Council. The main offices maybe in Sackville, NB for the 3 regions, but not confirmed yet. There is a group working out the guidelines on operating procedures.  A discussion was held on the Pleasant Valley request and Official Board made a motion to accept session’s recommendation to continue as per the original agreement of 1986 by presbytery.   Motion by Donna Nicholson and seconded by Rhonda Ross.

 Motion Carried.

  1. Stewards:   Betty reported that Central Trinity building is in good shape but contributions are down, mostly from the envelope fund raiser. No report from Cavendish.

  2. Trustee’s:   No Report

  3. Ministers Report

Mr. Wally Ellis reported that Jenny MacNeill is the representative for the Observer. M & S webinars on October 17th at 12 noon meeting if anyone interested. The charges giving are to M & S is gradually going up. From $ 3863.25 in 2015 to $ 5275 in 2017. The UCW contribution is a good portion of the giving’s. Wally commended the charge on the giving’s, given our small size. He reported that he is doing a mail out list of the services and has been very well received by everyone. He thanked everyone for the support given to him. A motion to accept all reports by Gienna Dingwell, seconded by Gordon Toombs.   Motion Carried.

8. New Business Betty Gamster informed that Jennifer of Jennifer’s Church will be on PEI and at Central Trinity in Breadalbane Sunday at 6:30pm to meet the congregation for some fellowship. Donna Nicholson said the Summerside Community Choir is offering to do a in the country Christmas music service as a fund raiser, split 50 / 50. The cost is $ 15 / person.  They have 50 people in the choir, would be a big challenge for a small church. After discussion the consensus is that it would be a too big for our churches.

Next meeting to be held in Central Trinity on February 20, 2019 at 8pm

Adjournment by Heather Dingwell

Closing Prayer by Wally Ellis

Chairperson                                      Recording Steward

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