Newest Members

 Officers - Pastoral Charge 2023

Overall Charge Officers

Alexander Sandy MacKay - Chairperson Official Board

Gordon Frizzle = Vice Chairman Official Board

Neil Campbell = Recording Secretary

Flora Dickieson  = Clerk of Session

Betty Gamester = General Treasurer

Clyde View Girl Friday = Secretary

Louise Weeks = Auditor/Reviewer

Ministry and Personnel Committee: Flora Dickieson, Giena Dingwell and  Betty Gamester

Youth Group: Betty, Karen and Tracy

Nominating Committee: Neil Campbell, Giena Dingwell, Eliza MacEwen and Louise Weeks.

Session: Neil Campbell, Gordon Frizzel, Jack Verhulp, Flora Dickieson, Heather Dingwell, Rhonda Earle, Wendall MacDonald,  Charles MacLeod. 

Trustees - Alexander Sandy MacKay, Wayne Dickieson, Marilyn Simpson, Giena Dingwell, Dale Parsons, Blois Weeks,  Gordon Toombs, Wally Ellis DLM

Central Trinity United Church Officers - 2023

Treasurer - Tracey Arsenault

Envelope Steward - Karen Mayne-Mullins

Reviewer - Louise Weeks

Secretary - Janice Parsons

Regional Council - Region 14 - Sandy MacKay

Minister and Personal Committee - Betty Gamester

Sunday School Superintendent - Ronda Ross

Central Trinity Memorial Fund - Cynthia Frizzell

Pleasant Valley Cemetery Fund - Arnold Smith

Pleasant Valley Cemetery - Eric Weeks, Arnold Smith, Arnold Nicholson, Stephen MacKinnon, Karen Mayne - Mullins

Stewards - Betty Gamester, Karen Mayne - Mullins, Glen Weeks, Louise Weeks, and Eric Wigmore.

Trustees - Dale Parsons, Alexander MacKay, Blois Weeks and Wally Ellis DLM

Elders to 2023 - Ronda Ross (2) and Jack Verhulp (3) 

Elders to 2024 - Neil Campbell (3) and Dale Parsons (1) 

Elders to 2025 - Gordon Frizzell (1)  Charles MacLeod (3)

Chairperson - Neil Campbell

Adventure Praise Club - Betty Gamester and Tracey Arsenault

Greeters and Ushers coordinator

Special Events coordinator

Janitorial coordinator - Tracey Arsenault

Audio-Visual TecKaren Mayne - Mullins and Lily Ross

Music Team - Betty Gamester and Lynda Weeks

Cavendish Officers - 2023