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9:30 Cavendish                          11:15 Central Trinity
24 March 2019
Lighting Of The Christ Candle
Gathering: VU 314
Welcome & Announcements
Sharing Our Celebrations & Cares
Call To Worship: ( Touch Holiness)
Welcome travellers to the journey of faith.
The faith journey is the best route through the land
called life.
Then come and continue the quest, acting out your faith by
living life in its fullest.
We will let our spirits soar like eagles and drink in the
world's colour, absorbing its light and texture. We come
now in worship of our God.
Prayer Of Approach: (Touch Holiness)
Loving God, as we worship you today let not our hearts be
troubled or hard as stone, but make us pliable and soft as clay.  Let not our minds be armoured as a fortress but make us open as an archway. May we flow with your Spirit as a fallen leaf floats lightly on the surface of a stream. Open our hearts and minds to engage with you in this time of worship. Amen
Hymn 697: O For A World .....
Sharing With Youth ...
Hymn 376: Spirit Of The Living God ..........
Gathering In Prayer: O God, you have called us to be pilgrims.  Forgive us when we weary of the journey and seek security rather than the open road. Forgive us when we feel the risk of the journey is too great. Grant us pilgrim spirits in this Lenten season and lead us to the new life of Easter.  God of exodus and wilderness, God of refuge and help, hear us now as we make our confession
to you.  In times of temptation, we forget what you have done for us.  You provide everything we need, yet we often remain unsatisfied.  Grant that we may become a thankful and humble people in your sight.  Bless us and let your grace be poured out upon us. Amen
Prayer For Illumination
We Are Guided By Scripture:
Isaiah 55: 1 - 9, Psalm 63: VU 781,
2 Corinthians 5: 16 -21, Luke 15: 11 - 32
Ministry Of Music
Hymn 142 : Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross....
Minute For Mission
Presenting Our Offering & Dedication
Pastoral Prayer & The Lord's Prayer
Hymn 670: Precious Lord, Take My Hand....
Benediction & Choral Amen
Life and Work of Our Church
Adventure Praise and Drama Club Central Trinity at 6:30PM.  Meeting every Friday until 12 April with a few exceptions -notice will be on Facebook.
2 April - Bible Study, Cavendish 10:15 AM.
Adventure Praise and Drama Club Easter Dinner/theatre will be held on Sunday 14 April starting at 5 PM. Tickets $15.00, youth ages 6-12 $8.00. Tickets are to be purchased in advance.  Meal: ham and scallop.  Performance only 5PM will be $5.00 at the door.
Camp Abby is hiring for 2019! - Director, Assistant Director, Program Coordinators, Counsellors and Cook!  See or the Camp Abby Facebook.
Any  questions contact  Catherine Stuart, at
Services for next Sunday  31 March
         9:30 Cavendish                        11:15 Central Trinity
Services for April:
7th:   9:30 Central Trinity            11:15 Cavendish
14th: 9:30 Central Trinity            11:15 Cavendish
Maundy Thursday:  7:30 PM Cavendish
Good Friday: 10:30 AM Central Trinity
21st:  9:30 Central Trinity            11:15 Cavendish
28th:  9:30 Central Trinity            11:15 Cavendish
Annual Reports are ready and may be picked up today after service.