18 April 2021   
9:30 Central Trinity                       11:00 Cavendish
Third Sunday of Easter - Earth Sunday
Gathering & Prelude
Lighting Of The Christ Candle
Welcome & Announcements
Celebrations & Concerns:
Call To Worship:
L:   Walking along the road, fishing, eating a meal; in the ordinary everyday things, the disciples met the Risen Christ.
All:  Jesus is present among us.
L:  Everything written in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the Psalms has come true.  We do not need to feel alone or confused.
All:  Jesus is present among us.
L:  Jesus loved his disciples and we believe that Jesus loves us too!
All:  Jesus is present among  us.  Let us praise God on this wonderful spring day!  Alleluia; Amen!
Prayer Of Approach:  Christ, you are among us this day.  Truly alive - May we see your nail scarred hands in the vulnerability of this community -  May we feel your healing touch in the presence of the Body of believers.  May we hear your words of forgiveness in the prayers and songs of worship. Having recognized you, may we be filled with this new life - “being an Easter people”; with a renewed desire to serve and love others.  Amen
Hymn 409:  Morning Has Broken
Time for Youth:  The Earth
Hymn 226:  For the  Beauty of the Earth
Prayer of Confession:  God of Compassion, hear our prayers as we prepare ourselves to hear Your Word.  Remind us that our past, our present, and our future are all part of your eternal plan.  We turn to you naming our need for forgiveness.  Forgive us when we are arrogant and think that we are masters of today and tomorrow.  Forgive us when we forget to pray and seek Your guidance.  Loving God. Hear our silent prayers of Confession with humble hearts we bow before you in silence.------------------  We offer all these things to You in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Holy Scriptures:   Acts 3: 12-19;  Psalm 19; Luke 24: 36b-48
Meditation - “Truly Alive” -  Donna Nicholson
Dedication Of Offering
Pastoral Prayer
Hymn 296: This is God’s Wondrous World”
Sung Benediction  & Go Now In Peace
Today’s bulletin is in loving memory of Buddy MacEwen,
April  22, 2016 , by Helen and family.