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 9:30 Cavendish                     11:00 Central Trinity
19 May 2019
Lighting Of The Christ Candle
Welcome & Announcements
Sharing Our Celebrations & Cares
Call To Worship:
Worthy is the Lamb to receive power and wisdom, glory
and blessing. 
Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb lives !
God has made this day. Let us rejoice and be glad .
The God who raised Jesus to new life from the dead raises us to new life daily.  Let us worship his holy name .
Prayer Of Approach: (Touch Holiness)
God,  you are the source of our life. Gather us in now together,  we pray.  Form us into a community of your own people,  molding us by the breath of your Holy Spirit. We gather here to worship you,  thankful for all your gifts.  Amen
Hymn 218: We Praise You, O God.....
Sharing With Youth.
Let Us Pray: ( Celebrate God's Presence)
Hear our prayers, God of grace.  Help us to fulfill them working according to your purposes in peace, justice, and mercy in all we do; through Jesus to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit, be all power and glory. Look with compassion upon us and all who turn to you
for help, for you are gracious, O lover of souls.  Grant that we may not only understand the things we ought to do, but have the grace and power faithfully to do them.  Hear us now Lord, as we offer prayer from the silence of our hearts .........................................................
Hymn: (Cav) O, Beautiful Gaia ( With guitar )
( Cent Trinity) 579: The Church Is Wherever God's People ....
Prayer Of Illumination
Sharing In Sacred Word:
Acts 11: 1 - 18, Psalm 148: VU 871,
Revelation 21: 1 - 6, John 13: 31 -35
Ministry Of Music
Hymn 713: I See a New Heaven .....
Minute For Mission
Presenting Our Offering & Dedication
Hymn 427: To Show By Touch And Word .....
Benediction & Choral Amen
Scriptures for next week : Acts 16: 9 -15, Psalm 67 ,
Revelation 21: 10 - 22: 5, John 5: 1- 16
Life and Work of Our Church
The Epistle is available  today after services.
Bible Study - Tuesday -  28 May 10:15 AM Cavendish Church
Remember Camp Abby’s list of “Most Wanted Items”.  There will be a box in the entry at the church in Cavendish for anyone who wishes to donate.
May Services:
26th:9:30 Cavendish                   11:00 Central Trinity
29 May - Cavendish-Breadalbane Trustees meet at the C. E. Centre, Cavendish at 7 PM.
June Services:
2 June:  Combined service in Cavendish at 10:30 AM.
9th:  9:30 Central Trinity        11:00 Cavendish
16th:9:30 Central Trinity        11:00 Cavendish
23rd:9:30 Central Trinity        11:00 Cavendish
30th:9:30 Central Trinity        11:00 Cavendish
26 May - 7 PM - Central Queens United Church, Hunter River, is hosting the Summerside Community Choir at 7:00 PM. This  choir, composed of approx. 55 members, will be performing a variety of songs from Verdi to fun and popular East Coast songs. The concert, entitled “The Singing Heart”, will also include talented performers from the 2019 Music Festival.,  Admission at the door with light refreshments served. Doors open at 6:30.