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9:30 Cavendish                    11:00 Central Trinity
1 September 2019
Lighting Of The Christ Candle
Gathering: VU 314
Welcome & Announcements.
Sharing Our Cares and Concerns
Call To Worship: ( Ps 66 )
Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth;
sing to the honour of God 's name; make glorious the
praise of God.
How awesome is your strength, your foes will wilt before you
For all the world shall worship you, shall sing to you
and praise your name.
Prayer Of Approach: Gracious God, you gather us in as we come to a time of worship . Let your blessings be made known to all as we come together in a time of reverent gathering. May your light be our guide in all our experiences. Amen
Hymn 374: Come And Find The Quiet Centre .....
Let Us Pray:
O God, from you come all good desires and deeds. We thank you for your loving forgiveness of us and for your presence embracing us even when we are unaware. Give to us, we pray, that peace which only you can give; help our hearts yearn to forgive others and guide our hearts to follow in your ways . Grant that we may live in true peace
with you. Uphold us by your Holy Spirit that we may truly live in your presence, walking more closely with you each day. Amen
Hymn 377: Holy Spirit Hear Us ...........
Prayer For Illumination
We Are Guided By Scripture:
Jeremiah 2: 4 - 13, Psalm 81: VU 796,
Hebrews 13: 1 - 8, 15 -16, Luke 14: 7 -14
Ministry Of Music
Hymn 651: Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah ....
Minute For Mission
Presenting Our Offering & Dedication
Pastoral prayer & The Lord's Prayer
Hymn 606: In Christ There Is No East Or West ....
Benediction & Choral Amen
Scriptures next week : Jeremiah 18: 1 -11, Psalm 139,
Philemon 1: 1 - 21 , Luke 14: 25 -33
Life and Work of Our Church
This is Food Bank Sunday.  Thank you for sharing.
"SAVE THE DATE" fundraising dinner  for Camp Abby for Sunday, 6 PM, September 8th. See poster at door.
Services for next Sunday, 8 September:
9:30 Cavendish
     11:00 Central Trinity
Services for the remainder of September:
15th: 9:30 Cavendish            11:00 Central Trinity
22nd: 9:30 Cavendish        11:00 Central Trinity
29th: 9:30 Cavendish            11:00 Central Trinity
Tatamagouche Centre “Tending Your Contemplative Heart: Living into the Pause.” 21-23 October starting at 2:30  More info and costs contact Betty Gamester.

Please remember both churches are scent free