27 September 2020   
Gathering & Prelude
Welcome & Announcements
Sharing Time
Call To Worship: (Psalm 34)
I will bless God at all times, God's peace will continually
be in my mouth.
My soul will glory in God, the humble will hear and
be glad.
O magnify God with me, let us exalt God's name together.
I sought God who answered me, and freed me from
all my fears.
Look to the Most High and let your light shine, and your
faces will not be ashamed.
This poor soul cried out and God heard, and saved me
from all my trouble.
Prayer Of Approach: God calls. We hear God's voice.
We gather to offer our praise. Let us be as one in the
Holy Spirit, as we reflect on what God has given to us as
a people of faith. May your blessings, O Lord, be with
us as we come humbly before you in this place. Amen
Musical Selection
Sharing With Youth
Gathering In Prayer: (Celebrate God's Presence )
Come, Lord God, and rule the world; Let the rights of
the poor and of children be defended. Let laws be just, let
justice be impartial. Let the rights of the poor be defended.  Let righteousness prevail . Come, Lord God, and rule the world.  Grant us the patience to smooth the way your kingdom comes to us.  Grant us hope that we may not weary working for it despite so many conflicts and threats.  Grant us a clear vision that we may see the horizon and know the way on which your kingdom comes to us.  Amen
Prayer For Illumination
Revealing The Scriptures:
Exodus 17: 1 - 7, Phillipians 2 :1 - 13, Matthew 21: 23 -32
Musical Selection
Minute For Mission
Dedication Of Offering
Pastoral Prayer & The Lord's Prayer
Musical Selection
Scriptures for next week: Isaiah 5 : 1- 7,
Phillipians 3: 4 - 14, Matthew 21: 33 - 46
Life and Work of our Church
The Adventure Praise and Drama Club are considering re-starting their program. Interested parents are asked to contact bettyg@xplornet.ca if you wish to proceed this fall.
Services for October:
         9:30  Central Trinity
                           11:00 Cavendish