9:30  Cavendish                           11:00 Central Trinity
Fifth of Easter: 15 May  2022
The Faith Community Gathers for Worship
The Prelude
Lighting of the Christ Candle
Welcome and Announcements with the Life and Work of our Church.
Call to Worship:  (taken from Psalm 148)
L:  Praise the Lord.
P:  Praise the Lord from the Heavens.
      Praise Him from the skies.
L:  Let every created thing give praise to the Lord.
P:  For He issued His command, and they came into being.
L:  Let them all praise the name of the Lord, for His name is great.
P:  His glory towers over the earth and Heaven.
All:  Let us come, praise the Lord.
Prayer of Approach:
Gracious God, in love you have created us. In love you have called us your own.  You have made us your people, and called us to bring Your love to the world.  In love You came among  us in Christ, healing and forgiving.  In love You have raised us out of our lives into new life.  
Bless us as we glorify you in worship.  We long to sense your presence as we continue to bring Easter to our hearts and to our lives, praying together the ancient words:  Our Father, who art in heaven…
Hymn; #574 - Come, Let us Sing of a Wonderful Love
Time for Youth
Prayer of Illumination:
Scripture Reading:
Psalm 148 - Page 871 - VU  Whole Creation Praise God.
Acts 11: 1-18 - Peter’s Vision
John 13: 31-35 - A New Commandment
Musical Ministry:  My Life, my Joy, my All -Norma MacNeill, Cavendish
Message:  The Tie That Binds - Donna Nicholson
Hymn: #333 - Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Dedication of Offering
Prayers of the People
Hymn; #602 Blest Be The Tie That Binds
Sung Benediction:  Go Now In Peace
It was passed at the Annual Meeting of the Charge that we continue to wear masks in the churches until further notice,  even after the CPHO removes the mandatory masks.
The Epistle  is available after service today. 
Central Queens United Church, Hunter River, is holding their take-out Hot Roast Beef Supper on Sat., June 4, with all the trimmings ! Please note: This dinner is take-out only. Customers should remain in their vehicles, tickets will be collected at that time and meals delivered to your car. Take-out times: 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30PM. Tickets must be ordered in advance: Debbie at 902-964-2882 or Lois at 902-621-0669.
Services for  22 May:
    9:30 Cavendish                11:00 Central Trinity
Services for the remainder of May:
29th    9:30 Cavendish        11:00 Central Trinity