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Celebrating 25 years

Celebrating 25 years

  May 22, 2011

  10:30 am

Official Date of Amalgamation of the congregations:   November 30, 1985

Official Date of the Dedication of the Building:    May 24, 1987


Reflections of Central Trinity’s Past:  
The Rev. Bob Hutcheson
(Officiating Clergy at the time of the dedication of this building May 24th, 1987)

Reflection on our Present:  The Rev. Claudia Kitson


 Central Trinity United Church

  A Time of Reflection

              November 30th, 1985 marked an historic date for the congregations of Breadalbane, North Granville, Pleasant Valley, and Rose Valley United Churches when we began a new journey as Central Trinity United Church.

  With the closure of Pleasant Valley (preserved as a Memorial Building), Rose Valley (was sold) and the North Granville church (closed in 1970 and having been burnt shortly thereafter),  the Breadalbane church was moved back onto a new site (land donated by Lloyd and Jean Frizzell), and a new wing was added; including a complete full basement with facilities for kitchen, bathrooms, Sunday School and Nursery.  The name Central Trinity was chosen as the result of a committee decision based on interest in having the word “Trinity” in the name, and considering the central location of the church within the amalgamated churches and the province.  A loan in the amount of $30,000.00 had been applied for to the Church Extension Board of the PEI Presbytery, which had been granted, however thanks to the generosity of the people from within Central Trinity, the loan was never used.  The church was paid for and after much hard work, dedication and service from members and adherents within the congregation, the building was finally dedicated to the Glory of God on Sunday, May 24th, 1987 with the Rev. Bob Hutcheson as officiating clergy.

  (the following excerpts taken from history prepared by Letitia MacDonald, audited by Phyllis Snowie -  November 1913 through May 1990)

  “The Elders serving at the time of Amalgamation became the first Elders of Central Trinity:

  Pleasant Valley – Betty Gamester (Clerk of Session)

  Donald Barlow, Gordon Frizzell, Miller Weeks, Roy Frizzell.

  Rose Valley:  Harold Larsen, Leslie Frizzell, Fred Wigmore;

  Breadalbane: Lorne Seaman, Oliver MacLeod, Letitia MacDonald.  Later on David MacKenzie was inducted as Elder. Wayne Barlow, Jack Verhulp, Allan Barlow, James Weeks and Morris Weeks have also been inducted.”

  Add to those names Dirk Vanderswaag, Sybil Graham, Lloyd MacLennan, Kevin Burke, William Ferguson, Eric Weeks, Dale Gamester, Hazel MacKay, Dawna MacLeod, Ralph Wilson, Allison Frizzell, Cynthia Frizzell, Dale Parsons, Louise Weeks, Nancy Mill, Stephen MacKinnon, Charles MacLeod, Rhonda Earle, Duane Stewart, and our current Clerk of Session Neil Campbell.

  Over the last 25 years many memorials have been given   in memory of Loved Ones to Central Trinity including Land, Stained Glass Windows, Sound Systems and components, Copier, Voices United Hymnals, and Pew Cushions. These are all recorded in Central Trinity’s Memorial records.

  A Library for young and old alike has been added to enrich our spirituality.

  We have been blessed by our Ministry of Music team who have served since the time of amalgamation:  Phyllis Snowie (who served as organist and is now our pianist), her daughter Lynda Weeks (at the time of amalgamation was our pianist and now plays the Organ), and Betty Gamester (guitarist).                                                                            

  Music has always been an enriching part of our worship, work and life within our Congregation.  We are grateful for the leadership provided during many years by Lynda Weeks with our Junior Choirs.  This vital part of ministry continues today with our Adventure Praise Club as they learn to play the following instruments: guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, glockenspiel, and various shakers.   


  We are thankful for the many teachers and helpers who are willing to share the Good News of the Gospel with all children who participate in weekly Sunday school classes, and with our youth programs.


  Central Trinity’s Vacation Bible Camp has been re-vamped from one full week of activity to four consecutive Saturday mornings which is always well attended.


  We currently also have a teen girls choir who also assist in youth work through Sunday school, and the Youth Group.


  We are equally thankful for the support we receive from the women of our church. At the beginning of amalgamation, each UCW unit kept their own identities – Breadalbane, Rose Valley and Pleasant Valley, (North Granville had disbanded at the time of amalgamation between Breadalbane and Cavendish).  Over the years the remaining three  units combined to form Central Trinity UCW and continue to meet on a monthly basis reaching out to serve within our church communities.  

 throughout the years, Central Trinity has taken great pride in providing a loving, caring, spirit-filled atmosphere for all who enter its’ doors.  We have endured many testing’s of our faith over the years as well as many times of Joy and Celebration.  We have done our best to ensure that God’s word is shared through our ministry of Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care having been blessed with the following Ministry Personnel:


  Clergy Roll


  Rev. Daniel Compton  1983 – 1986


  (Interim) Rev. Robert Hutcheson 1986 – 1987


  Rev. John R. Bennett  1987 – 1991


  (Interim) Rev. John Foster 1991 – 1992


  Rev. Blair C. Whyte 1992 – 1994


  Rev. Hugh MacLean 1994 – 2000


  Rev. David Hamilton  2000 – 2003


  Rev. Lorraine Lambert 2003 – 2006


  (Interim) Rev. Sandrabelle MacEwen &

  Rev. Ian MacLean 2006 – 2007


  Rev. Claudia Kitson  2007 – present


  (as recorded in the Cavendish Breadalbane Vital Statistics)

  First Baptisms:

  after amalgamation:

  Christopher Daniel Weeks (Son of James and Lynda Weeks)

  First baptisms after dedication of the building:

  Melina Christine Barlow  (daughter of Allan & Connie)

  Jill Christine MacLean (daughter of Karen & Rodney)

  Jason John Gamester (son of Alan & Audrey)

  Adam Ellsworth Gamester (son of Alan & Audrey)

  First Confirmations:

  After amalgamation:

  Bonnie Nicholson -

  After dedication of the building:

  Karen MacLean Weeks

  First Weddings:

  After amalgamation:

  Angus Peter Dixon & Phyllis Elizabeth Weeks

  After Dedication of the building:

  Diane Gamester & Kent Wyand

  First Funeral:

  Melville Herbert Weeks (Husband of Eudavilla)


  Researched,  prepared, reviewed, and edited by Central Trinity’s 25th Anniversary Committee: Louise Weeks, Lynda Weeks, Patricia Nicholson, Karen Mayne Mullins, Phyllis Snowie, Verna Lynne Weeks, Betty Gamester and Rev. Claudia  Kitson.